Saturday, February 23 & MARCH 23

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Easthill Tea Co

Join us for one hour for our, Achieving Mindfulness Class, an interactive course where participants will learn practical and easy ways to incorporate mindfulness practice and exercises into their own and their children’s daily lives.

Our emotional and physical well-being are PRECIOUS. In the world we currently live in both of these too often take a back seat to the demands of work and family. However, the reality is that self care is essential to our ability to be successful in our career and supportive, involved parents. Mindfulness is the remedy to our lack of self care. Often confused with meditation, which can be intimidating, the addition of mindfulness to our lives does not have to be complicated. There are ample benefits to mindfulness practice that can positively affect our emotional and physical health. A large body of research demonstrates the significant benefits mindfulness brings to both adults AND children. Decreased stressed, increased brain function, improved immune function, emotional regulation, and ability to focus and be present are only a few of these benefits.

Instructor: Sarah Cunningham


1816 N Milwaukee Ave

Chicago, IL 60647

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