Whether you are searching to elevate your career path, building a startup company, or trying to balance childcare and a career, we all want to feel we are living life with a purpose.   NOUNOU is the company built with a foundation of purpose for all lives it touches. 



NOUNOU's live classroom training offers specialized education in American Heart Association Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED, Nutrition/Meal Prep, Sleep Training, Developmental Milestones, Educational Play, Community Social Interaction, Professionalism, and Communication Skills.  All of these which help foster trust, self-esteem and independence in children.



Balance is crucial in achieving happiness and living a productive life.  When adding children to your life, balance becomes difficult to maintain.  Hiring a NOUNOU graduate not only provides peace of mind that your child is well cared for, with all the skills needed to provide a safe and educational environment, but also ensures the sensitivity of the overall family needs.

WHY NOUNOU MATTERS for nannies...

NOUNOU is more than a training program, it is a movement to elevate and educate  your nurturing personality to prepare for a respected profession in assisting families.  From learning emotional and physical needs of caring for children, to setting up a LinkedIn profile, interviewing skills, and communicating with families for a contract to benefit both parties. A NOUNOU graduate will be fully prepared to be the asset that every family is looking for.


"Because family is everything"