frequently asked questions


What happens if I miss a class?

Attendance of all classes is mandatory in order to graduate. If one class is missed, the opportunity to retake the class will be available in the next month’s training course. If two or more classes are missed, you will be required to retake the entire training course

What happens if I am late for a class?

We realize that things happen and you may be running late one day. If so, please stay after and ask the instructor what you missed and they will be happy to review the necessary information with you.

What are the accreditations of the instructors?

There are seven instructors for the course which include Nurse Practitioners and Critical Care RNs from Northwestern and Lurie's Hospitals, a teacher with a Northwestern University Masters in Education who is also on staff at Northwestern University Graduate school of Education faculty. In addition, classes by specialists in Communication and Professionalism, and a one day certification on Pediatric CPR and First Aid by the American Heart Association. If you would like even more detailed information, please visit our About Us page to review each instructors bio.

Are there exams at the end of each course?

There will be exams given at the end of each course and a cumulative exam given on the last day. A NOUNOU graduate certificate will be awarded upon adequate competition of the course.

Will i receive a Pediatric First Aid & CPR Certification?

Yes, the American Heart Association will teach this section and award their own certificate. Since this is a two year certification, we will allow NOUNOU students to come back each year and take this course only. Students will be responsible for the recertification fee.

Does NOUNOU assist with job placement of nannies at the end of each course?

NO, NOUNOU is a training program, we are not a placement agency.